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Re: Cutting through OCA Repo Complexity

Yassine TEIMI
- 07/10/2015 14:56:30
Hey David, 

Thank you very much for this initiative. It would be also interesting to post something about using github with odoo context, explaining functions like : 

- How to update my addons to the latest version through git, what is the risks, and how to deal with it ?
- Pull request
- Report issues
- Fork
- Sign the CLA

And much more about github serving Odoo.

Best regards.

2015-07-10 18:33 GMT+00:00 David Arnold <>:
Hey Fellows

I have a hard time dealing with some OCA legacy decisions which are sign of a remaining and relatively strong inside-out perspective.

If you have found it hard to enter the OCA world, I plan to publish a blogpost series which might help you understand some things, or might help you with some odds, that might have scared you away so far.

Update cycle will be, as I stumble over oddities, as of my own free perception.

Here is the first post about how to reduce complexity in repository management when dealing with those OCA Collections Repositories.

Best and enjoy

David Arnold

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