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Re: FYI: New SAAS pricing posted

Fabien Pinckaers
- 07/08/2015 13:39:10

It does seem that “forever” didn’t last as long as many people understand the word to mean!

Every user that has a free account can really keep it forever. When we change the price, existing customers still benefit from their previous conditions on the SaaS.

Note that we are experimenting on the SaaS. We liked the free for two users, but we want to experiment a 21-free trial instead. 

As we are doing a lot of fine tuning on the SaaS to get the right price point. In order to not impact partners, the Odoo Enterprise price does not change. New conditions for the SaaS applies only for new customers, only for the SaaS. For Odoo Enterprise (on premise, partners) we prefer to have a stable price.