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Re: How to add CSS code on my odoo website using the online HTML Editor ?

Yassine TEIMI
- 07/08/2015 12:32:10
Hi Luke, 

Following your anwser on my question about how to add css to my theme, you advised me this forum thread which I found usefull :

I've several questions about it : 

Why you did'nt backup your branch after the indiegogo campaing has finished ?

I have a theme called custom_theme, wich I downloaded from the odoo app store, it's a free theme developped by beztech I think. So, their theme overrides website.homepage, and website.layout, once I add my custom css by inheritance between the :<html><head> </head></html> as follows : 

 <template id="layout_inherit" inherit_id="website.layout">
    <xpath expr="//html/head" position="inside">
<!-- their css theme -->
                <link rel="stylesheet" href="/custom_theme/static/src/css/bootstrap.css"/>
  <link rel="stylesheet" href="/custom_theme/static/src/css/custom.css"/>  
<!-- my custom css -->
<link rel="stylesheet href="/custom_theme/static/src/css/bootsnippet_1.css"/>

It generates a white space on the website layouts as follows (click the link) : 

Once I delete this override, the layout becomes normal.

Should I do this override differently ?

On the other hand I saw you talked about website-multi module, and that it was backported to version 8, is it stable now ? can i use it on production ? 

My need is to have multiple website on the same odoo instance and for every website link it with a domain name, how to do this technically ?

And to finish, do you have any themes examples that you can share with me ? 

Many Thanks.