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Re: The issue mountain on github

Libertus Solutions, Alan Bell
- 07/08/2015 04:52:14
well that is certainly encouraging, but there are a lot of issues not 
getting attention, what can be done to help this? I am sure that there 
are a bunch of issues that I could fix and do pull requests for if they 
were classified more usefully, but some just need a bit of guidance, 
like someone needs to point me in the right direction for fixing the 
problem that no deliberate emails work if you turn off inbox 
notifications for a customer, that is a huge issue, and I can probably 
sort it out given a bit of a conversation about the right way to 
approach it, but if the issues are not being addressed we end up with a 
broken ERP system. I know it is busted, I don't have an OE customer who 
wants to report it as an issue with their implementation of the system, 
it is a generic core issue because the test for notify_email is in the 
wrong place and it blocks intentional emails as well as the 
notifications to followers of a document. 
( is 
where it all goes wrong, because the recipient of the email is just 
another partner being notified at the point of sending out the invoice 
or order or whatever, now do I fix this inside get_partners_to_email and 
pick out the specific partner we really *want* to email, or change it 
further back in the process so the intended recipient of the email 
doesn't go through the get_partners_to_email filter?)

This is just an example of a problem that is frustrating me a bit, I am 
sure a lot of the other issues are like this, without the interaction on 
the issues we can't help you to fix them.


On 07/07/15 22:58, Antony Lesuisse wrote:
> We process PR in priority, there is 441 open pull request (please read the
> wiki to use the correct filter -RDWIP -OE).
> And i suspect around 100 of them are missing the RDWIP tag.
> There is a lot of activity merge activity around PR since 2 weeks. Hundreds of
> them have been processed. Also be aware that the pulse stats of github are
> wrong as we merge PR cleanly by rebasing them.
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