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Re: The issue mountain on github

Antony Lesuisse (al)
- 07/07/2015 17:53:26
We process PR in priority, there is 441 open pull request (please read the 
wiki to use the correct filter -RDWIP -OE). 
And i suspect around 100 of them are missing the RDWIP tag.

There is a lot of activity merge activity around PR since 2 weeks. Hundreds of 
them have been processed. Also be aware that the pulse stats of github are 
wrong as we merge PR cleanly by rebasing them.

On 07/07/2015 05:43 PM, Alan Bell wrote:
> at the moment there is a glut of about 1700 issues open on the github
> repository.
> here they all are (some of them are
> mine )
> Many of these issues have no comments or classification to them, is
> there something that can be done to triage or comment on stuff here,
> either by Odoo directly putting more staff onto it or as a community
> thing, so we can weed out the duplicates and support questions and help
> focus on the stuff that needs fixing? The current process doesn't appear
> to be working well.
> I am not sure if there is any value to me looking at someone else's
> issue and attempting to reproduce it, does a comment saying "affects me
> too" help manage issues or hinder things because it looks like the issue
> has been commented on? It would be good to be able to add a confirmed
> label or something, but I have no rights in the project to do that on
> github.
> There are also around 700 open pull requests which need reviewing and
> processing.
> Alan.
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