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Re: Please confirm comments on v9 UI

Naltu, Pablo Manuel Rizzo
- 07/07/2015 10:36:57
El 10.6.2015 4:28, Fabien Pinckaers escribió:

> Raphaël,
> As Alexandre Fayolle explained at the OCA board meeting: even the Linux 
> kernel allows proprietary modules (example: the NVIDIA drivers). Odoo's 
> modules are exactly like Linux modules. So, we are following Linus 
> position [1].
> Now, its important to reassure Odoo users. Even if one may have 
> different interpretation of the license (Linux and RMS may disagree on 
> this), the intention of the copyright owners (Odoo, OCA at least) are 
> clear: we want to protect our users from legal risks and discussions. 
> During Odoo Experience, we (Odoo and OCA) did a statement [2] that 
> explicitly says that a user of our modules can use proprietary and open 
> source modules together (LGPL & AGPL).
> With such a public statement, users are protected from legal risks 
> since the copyright owner is the only one that can sue a user. (and we 
> have no intention to do it)
> Being permissive for users is good as it will avoid fears for 
> customers.
> But we also think its important to respect open source licenses. If a 
> developer releases a module under LGPL or AGPL, we should enforce the 
> fact that other developers respect his choice.
> So, we will control what the developers of modules do:
> - Enforce derivative work for both LGPL and AGPL modules (if someone 
> changes a module,
> he must release his changes under the same license)
> - You can not develop a proprietary module that depends (depends in 
>, or
> import in python files) on an AGPL module.
> To do that, we plan to add automated checks in the apps store to check 
> module licenses and their dependencies.

This is useless, you could enforce this in your own servers, but you 
cannot check modules on a third party server. The only way you can 
verify the functionality and licences of a free SaaS software is asking 
for the code, read it, run it, and compare behavior. That's a reason to 
be for the AGPL licence. You trashed the viral benefits of copyleft.

PD: linux allows privative modules but not with the purpose to sell 
them, they are allowed mainly for hiding hardware engineering details 
and their functionality is minimal.