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Re: Gamification

Martin Trigaux (mat)
- 07/06/2015 05:10:18
On 05/07/15 19:37, Tutu Moses wrote:
> i want to use the gamification function to make sales targets for my
> salesman who make sales by POS in Odoo.
> can any one help me wit these configuration . coz the ones i see are for
> sales orders only .

We have tried to make the labels and tooltip as clear as possible but
keep in mind that creating new criteria of evaluation is quite advanced
and requires a good knowledge of domains and the structure of models.

The gamification_sale_crm (simple) and website_forum (batch mode) module
contains some examples of goal configuration. If you are wondering the
meaning of some options, may be a good place to look first.

You have a few concepts to understand:
- goal definition: the criteria of evaluation (e.g. number of sales
made), how to compute the info
- challenges: list of goal definition applied to a set of user
- goals: current progress of each goal for each user in the challenge

For your example in POS, you will for instance maybe create a goal
definition for the number of pos.order (check
definition_crm_nbr_sale_order_created for an example with sale.order)
that is of type "count".
If you want to total sold, you will need to convert the goal definition
to the type "sum".

Once you have all your criteria defined, create a challenge for all your
users selling in the POS and assign some values to reach. The
recomputation of the progress is done daily.


Martin Trigaux
Odoo (Formerly OpenERP)