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Re: Point of Sales on Multi Shop Location

Mario Arias Badila
- 07/05/2015 22:05:44

We have a couple customers working in multi company, multi location, multi Posbox, multi warehoses....

It doesn't require anything else besides standard Odoo modules (except for correct reporting and datetime handling in timezones outside of Euro zone...).  All you need is to carefully set the correct company for each of users, accounts, journals, sequences and POS configurations.

It is all working from ONE server in multi company setup, with client Posbox running for several different physical (and logical) locations. 

We have posbox (less)  running on both Windows (with some customizations to hw_* modules) and Ubuntu clients, and printing receipts/invoices in thermal and dot matrix receipt printers and full page tickets as invoices for some special requests...

I can do some cleanup to one of the databases and post it here if there is interest, so you can take a look at the way we configured everything...