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Changing POS frontend for Mettler Toledo Ariva interface

Voedsel.Coop, Ronald Wopereis
- 07/01/2015 18:13:39
dear experts,

what needs to be done to accomplish the following business logic:

(1) customers bring their own package, for example a cup
(2) in the food store there is a standalone scale where they can weigh the package (tare weight) which prints a sticker using a special range ean13 weight barcode (with the tare weight inside)
(3) the customer fills the package with a product (let us say: grain) from a silo (bulk material storage), then moves on to the POS
(4) using the Mettler scale interface, the cashier checks it is grain, chooses the product from the POS display, puts the filled package on the weight
(5) while the interface transfers the gross weight from scale to pos, the cashier scans the weight barcode (see 2)
(6) now the POS software should act like this:
- weight on the current row -= weight from scanned product;
- recalculate based on net weight = product price per uom times (gross weight from scale minus tare weight from scanned product) 

my question is:
how difficult or easy is it to implement this solution?
are there any solutions already?

thx, Ron