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Re: Fw: Inheriting the selection field "Product Type"('type')

Ait-Mlouk Addi
- 07/01/2015 07:53:32

I think if you overwrite this field in your one module you will obtain your specific values
Copy the original field and duplicate it.
Hoping this help you

Le 1 juil. 2015 11:12, "Sayali Kothawade" <> a écrit :
          I am trying to inherit selection field "Product Type" ('type' which is present in product.template),
to new module.I am trying to add
 'type': fields.selection([('raw', 'Raw Material'),('product', 'Stockable Product'), ('consu', 'Consumable'), ('service', 'Service')], 'Product Type', required=True"),
in new module, under product.template..but when I am trying to call this field ,this field is taking only 3 values as,
('product', 'Stockable Product'), ('consu', 'Consumable'), ('service', 'Service')
i.e. taking values of 'type' from 'stock'.

Thanks & regards,
Sayali Kothawade
Ayanworks Technology solutions pvt ltd.


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