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Re: Weight Barcode on PoS

Mohamed Hagag
- 06/28/2015 14:35:10

from the weight result, it's only the amount which is read 0.623 should be replaced by the weight to get the accurate result.

also keep in mind that the system calculates the amount automatically from the 1kg price and the weight.

On 06/28/2015 06:41 PM, Ronald Wopereis wrote:
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hi Mohamed, 

i also tried the weight code,
but then i get the following result in the POS:

Product: Cheese
0.632kg at 13.50 euro/kg = 8.53 euro (amount)

So that is also not working.
The scale prints a price barcode, not a weight code.

Further help is much appreciated.
Thx, Ron

2015-06-28 16:43 GMT+02:00 Mohamed M. Hagag <>:

Hi Ronald,

I think your configuration missing the weight codes setup .

but i don't know how to configure it , also the print out should have the weight info in its code to get it printed correctly .


On 06/28/2015 01:45 PM, Ronald Wopereis wrote:
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I managed to get price barcodes up and running in POS,
but the POS shows wrong information.

Here's what i have and did:

(a) i have a scale printout with the following information:
Product name: Cheese
Weight: 0.468 kg
Price/kg: 13.50 euro
Amount: 6.32 euro
Barcode: 2225225006325

As you can see, the Barcode is built up like this:
22 = price barcode
252250 = product code
0632 = price in eurocents
5 = checksum

(b) pos.config:
Price Barcodes: 22xxxxxNNNDDx

(c) product.product:
Unit of measure: kg
Sale price: 13.50 euro
Barcode: 2225225000002
 ==> which i got by editing the product, clicking on "Set a Custom EAN" and entering "22252250" which is the leading combination of "22" plus the 6 digit product code.

Note that by having the "22" pattern match the EAN of the product, this function works.
All efforts with "Internal Reference" failed so far. So my guess is this is the right way to work with price EAN codes.

(c) going to the POS, scanning the scale printout, 
i would expect the following:
Cheese, 0.468 kg at 13.50 euro/kg, amount = 6.32 euro

POS instead displays the following:
Cheese, 1 kg at 6.32 euro/kg, amount = 6.32 euro

Where in my setup do i go wrong?

Thx, Ron

2015-05-14 23:02 GMT+02:00 aasim ansari <>:
@Ronald- I tried 13 digits also but no luck.

@Nuria- My barcode scanner is a powerful one and is giving me correct output. My question here is does Odoo v8 has code written to handle Weight Barcode, Price Barcode, Discount Barcode, etc. If yes, then Odoo should come up with some kind of tutorial or sample video or if anyone in the community have successfully configured then please share your experience with us.



Aasim Ahmed Ansari

Cell: +91 9619 424 386

On Thu, May 14, 2015 at 3:02 PM, Nuria Arranz Velazquez <> wrote:
Hi Aasim,

A while back there was a problem with the barcode scanning facilities, by which it would randomly take part of the barcode instead of the whole one.

For instance, in your example of 219650000186, if you scanned it you might get the following results randomly:

Is that what is happening?

This bug had a fix here, which was merged to master.

I hope this helped,

On 13/05/15 13:42, aasim ansari wrote:
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I want to know how weight barcode works. This is what I gave in PoS Configuration for Weight Barcode- 21xxxxxxNNNNN (6 times x followed by 5 times N).
In my Product Master, in Internal Reference field I gave 96500 and unit of measure as grams.

Now, the weighing scale is configured to generate barcode in above format. It gives output as 219650000186 (meaning it is 186 grams). But Odoo PoS gives Barcode doesn't exist in Point of Sale error.

Did I miss anything or it is wrongly configuration?



Aasim Ahmed Ansari

Cell: +91 9619 424 386

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