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Re: No web images after migrating to new server...

Todd Abraham
- 06/28/2015 03:37:05
I fixed it! 

The issue was something to do with bitnami. I had dumped the DB from bitnami/Odoo /web/database/manager then restored to a new Ubuntu/Odoo install and had problems. The solution was to install another bitnami/Odoo install and restore to that instance.

All is working fine now.

On 28 Jun 2015, at 2:42 pm, "" <> wrote:

Did you backup using /web/database/manager or did you only dump the database in Postgres? If yes, you have lost the filestore, where the attachments and images are stored in a standard setup.

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Am 28.06.2015 um 01:45 schrieb Todd Abraham <>:


I've recently tried to migrate Odoo from Bitnami Odoo on Amazon Web Services to a clean install of an AWS Ubuntu instance.

I dumped the entire DB and restored to the new instance. Everything seemed to work well, except that all web site images seem not to have made it across. I suspect I need to update image tag URLs in the code somewhere but cannot find where.

Has anyone had experience with this issue?

Thank you,

Rain Barrel Consulting

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