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RE: No web images after migrating to new server...

Danimar Ribeiro
- 06/27/2015 20:17:09
I've passed this. Try to update all The modules. Or use the same version of the code os in the aws version. This is related to an code updated with odoo version 8.0

De: Todd Abraham
Enviada em: ‎27/‎06/‎2015 20:46
Para: Community
Assunto: No web images after migrating to new server...


I've recently tried to migrate Odoo from Bitnami Odoo on Amazon Web Services to a clean install of an AWS Ubuntu instance.

I dumped the entire DB and restored to the new instance. Everything seemed to work well, except that all web site images seem not to have made it across. I suspect I need to update image tag URLs in the code somewhere but cannot find where.

Has anyone had experience with this issue?

Thank you,

Rain Barrel Consulting

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