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Elmatica AS, Luis Alberto Panozzo
- 06/27/2015 13:01:22
Hello, we are about to implement the Call for Bids functionality of Odoo V8
I covers most of our needs with one exception.
Let me give you the scenario.
I issue a C4B to three suppliers. My tender is for 4 products.
Eventually, I receive the three bids. Of course each one has 4 line items in there.
Even though I can see a tree view of my three responses, I still have to go into each document to see the individual quotes.
Has anyone come into the need of displaying all line items at once so as to be able to get a better understanding and comparison of the received bids?

Expanding further:
And I may choose to accept quotation for item 1 from supplier A; items 3 and 4 from supplier B and item 2 from supplier C.
The chosen lines will then be moved to my "on the making" sales order.
But that is another story that will most likely require special development.

Thank you in advance.

Luis Panozzo (Lp)
Technology Manager
Elmatica AS
Skype: luispanozzo