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Re: Secure Odoo

Raniel Abcede
- 06/26/2015 19:25:59

You can let your developer use remote tools like rdp, teamviewer, ammy, vnc and etc. Provide them a windows desktop to access your development within your private network

On Jun 26, 2015 9:45 PM, "Marc Cassuto" <> wrote:

Hi Rudi, Hi All,

you want to look at the following module we developed :


The main purpose of this module is to log the failed logins
(as well as the successful ones) with the corresponding offending IP Address.

You will also find in the doc directory, the configuration files to deploy
fail2ban ( to protect your Odoo Instance.


Have a good day,

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Marc Cassuto MBA, Ing.
Odoo certified Expert, ITIL Certified
(514) 774-7734

On 15-06-26 05:35 AM, Rudi Grosberg wrote:
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Hi Community,

Can anyone suggest the best practise to secure/security my Odoo and how we can do can anyone help me, now my Odoo is publicly accessible so there might be chances of hack or blah blah..

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