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Re: Point of Sales on Multi Shop Location

Luke Branch
- 06/26/2015 00:52:27
Hi Dhaman,

I'm also interested in this, however I think it comes down to a multi-master database type setup as your shops will be distributed geographically as are mine.

I am currently looking for a solution to allow me to run:

Shop A
     POS 1
     POS 2
     Warehouse A
Shop B
     POS 3
     POS 4
     Warehouse B
Shop C
     POS 5
     Warehouse C

Warehouse D (Main Inventory Only Warehouse)

Head Office Server

Each of these locations (Shops, Warehouse D, and Head Office) are geographically distributed, however they would all need access to the same database. Our internet connection speeds are quite good, however I think it would still be necessary for each of these to be connected to their own database within the local network that is setup in a multi-master type setup for the purposes of having inventory information, product data/pricing, etc. PO's, Invoices, etc. synced throughout the different locations.

I'm looking for quotes for setting up this kind of Odoo deployment in Hong Kong, however if you come across any information on how to do this please email back to this thread as I would be very interested in knowing what you have found.



On Fri, Jun 26, 2015 at 12:43 PM, Dhaman Odoo <> wrote:
Hello Community,

Anyone ever use Point of Sale Module in Multi Shop location?
How to configure it?
like how to manage access order between shop?

Please I need experience from Odoo master.

Thanks before
+ Dhaman +

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