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Re: Image Slider

Luke Branch
- 06/25/2015 23:54:00
Hi Joseph,

I believe there is already a slider snippet built by Odoo in the default snippets.

If not there is a possibility to build one yourself using one of the various slider options out there.

I personally prefer OwlCarousel or OwlCarousel2 (still in the later stages of beta) for just standard image carousels. I've built a module using it for product image carousels here:

If you are looking for a full blown slider, i'd recommend either using Odoo's default snippet, or looking into getting one built yourself. I will be looking into building a module to implement Revolution Slider in Odoo when 9.0 is released, however this is not something I will be looking into in the near future.

I'd recommend also creating a question in the forums here:

as between the forums and the community mailing lists i'm sure you will find some help from other community members with a similar problem.



On Fri, Jun 26, 2015 at 4:45 AM, Joseph Andrade <> wrote:

Some customers of mine are asking whether I could create an image slider on their homepage. This is something that many websites are currently using and I don´t know whether Odoo is capable of doing so.

Can you please advise?

Many thanks.

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