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OCA Runbot externalities

El Aleman, David Arnold
- 06/23/2015 11:45:23

Copied from github and deleted there as beeing off-topic there:

@OSguard (off-topic) you asked @gurneyalex about the runbot external effects and how to solve it. I want to give a suggestion:
New includes could be done against a specific branch of a "--review" repository, then all sort of checks and verifications would be relevant and we would enjoy generally less clutter. Once the review is completed, it can be merged with some of those magic merges about "how to include a subdirectory into a repository from another repository" (git read-tree and git filter-branch)

To cover for a optimum solution:
Make a Github user, which hosts reporitories on a "per module" basis (grouping together modules that are technical and semantical dependencies), then achieve the convenience-grouping (which imho is confusing) of with subtree-merges