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Re: Margin Percentage on Quotation

Bubbles IT, Peter Langenberg
- 06/23/2015 10:51:15
The customer wants to do it on the fly I suppose and not with the pricelists ?

Peter Langenberg

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Paul "Red" Adair

2015-06-23 16:41 GMT+02:00 Adrian Pipo <>:

Hello All,


For your assistance please. We would like to confirm how or is it possible to add a column on the quotation for Margin Percentage? For example:


Cost: 10.00

Unit Price: 18.00


Margin: 8

Margin Percentage: 80%


So when we change the percentage to 50% the Unit price will change to 15.00.


Has anyone implemented anything similar to this.


Thank you so much


Best Regards,


Adrian Christopher Pipo

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