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Re: Multi Company Error

Numa Extreme Systems, Gustavo Marino
- 06/22/2015 13:29:22
If you change company while the SO is in draft state, many fields depending on company are not properly updated.
For example, the account_id in already entered lines, the customer default account_id, the period if already entered, the taxes on order lines to be changed by fiscal position, default customer price list and SO price list and price levels according to the new parameters are not properly updated.

In special, any field depending on property fields (that could potentially have different values for different companies) will be not adjusted to reflect the fact the SO belongs to a company different from the current default company of the user (in preferences)

Additionally, if you change company, fiscal position or price list while editing the SO, the lines already entered will end with prices, account and taxes belonging to the initial state, while the lines entered after the change will have attributes based on the new setting. You will end up with a mix of settings, mixing price levels, currency values incorrectly summed up or non applicable taxes.

The same kind of problems could be find on invoices, refunds and purchase orders. Some tricky thinks happen when creating refunds from stock pickings. I have see no improvement since v6, neither V7 or V8, and I would not expect any changes in V9.

Multicompany operations are not well tested or covered by the standard setup. Security rules standard settings and ACLs should be twisted to your particular need, because the standard setting are only applicable to a broad set of workflows.
Most probably you will need additional modules to correct behavior and/or implement your actual workflow. You should be prepared to test the cases you need extensively, specially when normal real life input errors and corrections are expected in your project. Be prepared for a substantial work to ensure a proper operation

Multicompany is challenging. Be careful before entering into production

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2015-06-22 13:48 GMT-03:00 Stefano Sforzi <>:

the account or the period select in the invoice is not for the same company.
Look the company linked to the accont or the period.

Il 22.06.2015 17:51, Tutu Moses ha scritto:
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in multi company setting i get this error when i want to validate a draft invoice
please help .
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On Sun, Jun 21, 2015 at 3:56 PM, Koketso Mabuse <> wrote:

Hi there

Not sure what the correct wording is. If you read the error is clear that the stock is not allocated to the multi company and not only that the user does not have previlegdes to use multi company with security clearance to move stock from 1 company to another. See that as 2 stores you can sell what is not physically available.
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Tutu Moses <> wrote:

under multi company , other company users cant confirm orders ,i keep getting this error, can anyone help​ thanks

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