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Re: what file defines journals

Alien Group Lda, Alaney Kilson Dória
- 06/21/2015 03:49:50
The journal is one of annoying thing when you want to make account localization because they don't have XML id. Then you are not able to configure the chart account in the journal and do other stuff. Make no sense do it manually all the time. It comes from a yaml (.yml) file if I'm not wrong and it's very difficult to track.

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From: "Mohamed M. Hagag" <>
Date:2015/06/21 01:26 (GMT+01:00)
To: Community <>
Subject: what file defines journals


in which module and which file (xml, CSV) journals defined ?

and how can we create a new journal in an L10N module ?

Also same questions regarding sequences I can't find where sequence BNK2/year/ defined and i found it should be CSH instead of BNK2 - in the US CoA.


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