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Re: Product name with it's id in sale order line: v7.0

Eva Pinter, Eva P
- 06/20/2015 19:43:18

It is probably some bug on your system because the ID of the product never appears in the standard. Check it again.

Good luck
Eva P.
On 29 May 2015, at 08:41, Mayur Maheshwari (OpenERP) <> wrote:

Hello Experts,

Can anyone help me to resolve issue,When selecting a product in sale order line product name comes with it's id. (Like:- 1547,[REF] Product Name)

For solution, I checked product module there is one method name_get and it's passing a id but if i checked with new database with product module then it's works fine but for exiting database somehow it's s failed and coming product name with it's id in sale order line (check screen)

Kindly provide the solution to tackle this issue. Hope to hear from you soon.

Mayur Maheshwari

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