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Re: Help needed: Wikipedia page deleted

Antony Lesuisse (al)
- 06/20/2015 09:10:16
Commercial companies are as relevant as any other topic provided that they 
complyy to the WP:ORG policies. And it doesnt matter who write the content if 
the content complies with the policy such as NPOV.

Anyway the article was not about the company it was about the software. The 
page was written by different persons, but overall quality was pretty low and 
bullshit-style. That's probably the reason the admin quickly decided to delete it.

What alex meant is that a software project like Odoo (with 2 millions of users 
and 2000 developpers) deserve a page on wikipedia. It's unfair to delete it 
where you keep pages for obscure X Window managers with less that 10 users.

We would have prefered the page be purged from its bullshit and the factual 
part kept, and then improved in an iterative way.

This was a call for volunteers with the objective of having back a clean and 
compliant page about Odoo on wikipedia.

On 06/20/2015 01:52 PM, Gunnar Wagner wrote:
> @ Alexandre:
> This sentence says it all:   "_Our_ Odoo page on Wikipedia has been deleted...."
> your email address and signature indicate you are an employee of Odoo S.A. ...
> well ... don't you get it?
> I am not a wikipedia activist nor expert but I'd just say it's an encyclopedia
> and the nature of an encyclopedia is not that commercial Companies right
> articles about themselves and their products.
> so, I guess that was totally justified it got pulled. Strangely you seem to
> feel treated unfair. I also I am not 100% sure whether you should expect help
> from the community mailing list in this.
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