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Re: SO total adds all totals as if they are 1 currency

gunnar wagner
- 06/20/2015 05:33:26
On 6/20/2015 1:46 PM, Eva Pinter @ Openit wrote:

>> This is a bug throughout all Odoo. The system automatically sums certain type of fields and, as the currency or the unit of measure is not linked technically to that field, the system does not realise, they are different.

would this bug also apply to opportunities? I have the feeling the currency an opportunity's expected revenue is displayed in is random ... In my case the 2 currencies are about 1:6 apart so this tool gets pretty useless.
That's a typical Odoo ... basic that does not work due to a bug which never get's fixed. Great that so much efforts and developer hours are being put into fancy new stuff instead of having a working base system to start with (sorry .. I got carried away)

>> I heard rumurs saying that this will be corrected by version 9.

probably only in the Enterprise Edition (... carried away again)

>> In the meantime, you can create a standard grouping by currency or any unit of measure in your views, so that you always see the sum by currency.

could you explain this procedure in a little more detail?

thanks & best

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On 19 Jun 2015, at 22:47, Arjan Duijs <> wrote:

I have created 2 SO, one in the local currency, and one in dollars through a pricelist i have set.
however the SO screen shows a total of the both, and summed them as if they were of the same currency.


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