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Re: Minimal server ressrouces to run both Odoo 8 and 7 on it

Lambda Networks AS, Levent Karakaş
- 06/20/2015 04:20:28

Although memory usage of odoo depends on many factors, it mainly depends on number of modules installed, number of threads and caches.

To speak with numbers, on a 64 bit Linux, a single thread instance with only base modules starts with around 70mb memory. One with all modules installed starts with around 400-500mb. This increases a little by usage because of cache usage.

Since number of threads is optimal when it is equal to the number of cores, on a quad core machine, an odoo instance with 4 threads will swallow up to 2gb memory on startup depending on how many modules installed. 4gb sounds enough for such a setup including system memory. This setup can easily serve many users (much more than 20).

Postgresql memory usage is a little bit different and more complex. It mainly depends on number of open database connections, cache settings and queries made. It's best to have a separate postgresql server tuned and monitored for your instance.

For the above odoo server configuration, another postgresql server with 4gb memory can achieve a good performance.

All these numbers are just examples from our experience. It's best to monitor and optimize memory usage on your system.

Dear community, 

I'm aware that the server ressources required is variable, it means that it depends on how many users are logged on the application, if we consider memory ressources. But I want to know how the Odoo server consume a server ressources ? What type of ressources is necessary to run properly the application ( with 20 users logged on at the same time for example) ? 

Is the memory what matters the most ? if yes what the minimal ressources regarding the CPU and Hard drive type (SSD - DDR) and capacity ?

I found people saying that 2 Go Memory is enough to run an Odoo instance, I want to know about your experience. 




Yassine TEIMI

Consultant & Odoo Project Manager
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