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Re: SO total adds all totals as if they are 1 currency

Numa Extreme Systems, Gustavo Marino
- 06/19/2015 18:03:52
If you change the pricelist  in the middle of the process of SO completion, the already entered lines are not recomputed, and as you point out, the old lines will be considered in the new currency, but wrong amount.

It's a very old bug, never fixed.

In order to fix the problem, you should have to add a module that:
  • Make the pricelist readonly (be carefull, because it should be written on new record creation, so you should create a field copy, just for display purposes)
  • Create a button that change the pricelist (it should be invisible in all states but draft or sent). This button should recompute old lines prices on the new currency, recomputing subtotal prices, and update amount untaxed and amount total on SO level
The kind of problems appear when you change the company (possible different price list and/or currency and/or fiscal position and/or taxes, a little bit more complicated) or if you change the fiscal position (no recompute on taxes for the lines).
Be carefull also when you change companies with taxes and periods belonging to different companies.
At the same time, if you change companies all property values will not be adjusted to the values assigned in the new company (like fiscal position, taxes on products, default accounts).

You will find the same kind of problems in purchase, invoicing/refund and creation of invoices/refunds from pickings

I believe the base system is tested only on a single database, single company, single currency, standard customer, no changes scenario. Every other option is largely untested.


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2015-06-19 18:48 GMT-03:00 Arjan Duijs <>:
I have created 2 SO, one in the local currency, and one in dollars through a pricelist i have set.
however the SO screen shows a total of the both, and summed them as if they were of the same currency.


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