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Re: Odoo - Reverse Proxy HowTo

Yick Kwan SZE
- 06/19/2015 08:19:42
Hi Rafael,

nice work! Would you mind if I turned it into an SH script?

If that's ok please let me know how you should be credited in the script or script readme.



On 19 Jun, 2015, at 7:51 pm, Rafael Blasco <> wrote:

Dear all,


Here you have a full guide, step by step. No technical knowledge needed.

Presentation about how to install and configure an reverse proxy with Apache2.4/Nginx to serve Odoo v8 applications

  • Install Nginx 1.4 as reverse proxy

  • Install Apache 2.4 as reverse proxy

  • ReverseProxy to Odoo with

    • workers = 1

    • workers > 1

  • SSL setting up

    • Redirect HTTP to HTTPS

    • Creating a PKI using XCA

  • Access restriction

    • via source IP ranges

    • via client certificate

Presentation online:






Rafael Blasco


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