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Re: Relations dropped or refactored from V7 to V8

Stefan Rijnhart
- 06/18/2015 15:20:43
On 18-06-15 20:54, Harold Tamo wrote:
<blockquote cite="" type="cite">

  • Empty : No information available : Please see the ‘openupgrade_analysis.txt’ file of the module and share your analyse;
I ran into the same error reported here ( by running a database migration

I also see that the module survey is not covered yet by openupgrade.

My questions is :

-How can i share my "openupgrade_analysis.txt" file (in the survey module)
-How can i write migration script for this module (survey)

Hi Harold,

well, first of all, please don't cross post on multiple email lists. It is confusing and may lead to double effort of people who want to help you out by answering your posts.

Not sure what you mean by sharing your analysis file. The analysis file is already included in the distribution:

As for writing a migration script: read some scripts from other modules, read the API of the library with supporting methods (included in the main documentation). Warning: if you don't have an in-depth knowledge of Odoo internals, then it should be an interesting, though possibly challenging ride judging from the survey module analysis file. The data structure in there has been juggled around quite a bit.


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