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Re: Design Odoo surveys limitations

Savoir-faire Linux, Bruno JOLIVEAU
- 06/16/2015 13:28:48

We have just contracted a new project with improvement to do around survey.

We suggested to OCA create a repo for this project. We'll write the roadmap inside.

Thanks, Bruno JOLIVEAU ERP Project Director @ Savoir Faire Linux
More links :

Le 16.06.2015 12:42, Caudal Eric a écrit :

A group is already working on improvements within the OCA. please contact Maxime.

On Tue, Jun 16, 2015, 15:35 Yassine Teimi <> wrote:
Dear Community,
I'm trying to design a survey on Odoo, I've encountred this kind of problems : 
- Pb 1 : On matrix question type you can only have one answer type, it means you can only have only a radio button (only one answer per matrix row), or checkbox (multiple answer per matrix row). 
This problem exist because I want to deploy such a table structure : 


Answer 1

Answer 2






It's not possible to add a comment column at the end of every row, while it was possible to do so on openerp 7. 
- Pb 2 :
While defining a question name, it's not possible to format it, for example I want to format a question like that : 
Question blablabla
- element 1
-element 2
While the question is formatted like that : 
Question blablabla - element 1 -element 2
It doesn't any return to the line. it goes only straight forward. 
Pb 3 :

It's not possible to add multiple comments at the end of the question. For example at the tend of one y questions I want to make : 
Comment 1 :


Comment 2 :


While I've only the possiblity to do : 
Comment 1 :


Is there a solution to these limitations ? Maybe I don't know about some survey modules extension. 
Thank you for your reliable answers.
Yassine TEIMI
Consultant & Odoo Project Manager
TEL : +212 6-27 33 30 78

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