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Re: Multiple Companies

Yassine TEIMI
- 06/14/2015 09:52:18

Hi mathias,

If he dulpicates the database, he'll have a website per database ?

Le 14 juin 2015 13:57, "Mathias Neef" <> a écrit :


This is very easy. You can duplicate it. Go to the Database-Manage of your Odoo installation.

You can reach the Database-Manager under the following path in your browser: = your IP where Odoo runs.

Go under Duplicate. Rest is self-explanatory.

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Am 14.06.2015 um 11:47 schrieb Joseph Andrade:
<blockquote cite="" type="cite">

I have recently installed Odoo and all the basic functionality for one of my small businessses.

I want to duplicate this install for 2 other small businesses of mine. What should I do, the Multiple Companies could be a solution but the problem is that this choice gives me only one Website.

How can I duplicate my Odoo install for my other businesses, do I have to install all of Odoo again? perhaps into another directory?

I hope you can share some of your experience.

Many thanks.

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