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Reporting analysis / displaying too large domain information

- 06/11/2015 04:39:26

I have a clean configuration running with CRM / sales teams and a few users with low privilege to access quotes.
I realise today than they have a menu in "Reporting" with en entry : "Invoices Analysis"

It wouldn't borrow me if the view was really well filtered : if the user only get data about his own or the sale team , but it seems it can see everything about accounting (Suppliers, Invoices etc ..) 

I have about 100 invoices made by "Administrator" and he can see them in the report.
Same thing for suppliers !

I tried to change the role of this user to "Only can see  his lead" , but it is the same

I found the ACL : "Sales / User: All Leads" and tried to disable it : it is ok but if i do that, the "sales Team" page doesn't work anymore and explains i am missing some rights.

If i have a look on the domain filter on the "All order" analysis, i can see [(1,'=',1)]  

The user can get reports about anything (my suppliers, every sales etc...) Is there a way to avoid that ? 

(very strange : if I change the user with a lower role : "All leads => only his leads" : it is the same , He can get reports about everything)

Thank for any help,

the concerned object is : (the domain does not seem to be applied on ACLS about is).