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Re: v8: Landing Pages? Best way to implement?

by André P. <> - 06/11/2015 04:08:31
Em qua, 10 de jun de 2015 às 06:57, Kurt Haselwimmer <> escreveu:


the term landing pages evidently means different things to different people. Here are some use cases:-

1) LPs with everything stripped out - designed for selling a single product or obtaining a specific call-to-action, eg a signup. Often these are designed without all the standard company header/footer as it is considered a distraction to achieving the CTA. Though you can create new pages from the Odoo CMS front end I don't believe that it is currently possible to indicate on a page by page basis to show the header/footer or similar template modifications. As the page information is not viewable via the back end it is not obviously a simple matter of adding a field such as "show header" to the page model and then altering the templates to show the header template if this is true.

One way to accomplish this is to edit the page HTML, and remote the <t t-call="main_layout"> element. That way, only the page and not the header & footer will be shown.

Unfortunately, this will also disable Odoo's CSS and JS includes, which means the page will be unformatted.

So the best way is actually to duplicate the main_layout view, manually remove the header and footer HTML, and then use _that_ new view in the <t t-call> element of your landing page.