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Manage Supplier stock !

Naresh Soni
- 06/11/2015 02:13:32
Hello Community ,

We need your expert advice on the situation to deal with. The situation is like this.

Every day we receive few csv files from our suppliers with a couple of attributes (sku(internal Reference), cost price, warehouse, stock level). 

We want to integrate the supplier's info in Odoo. We also need to define a minimum limit of a product stock to be able to show on magento. for eg: if the limit of Product A from supplier 1 is 2 then while choosing the cheapest supplier we should skip this supplier if the stock is below 2 and select the next cheapest supplier.
once found we need to update the products cost price, list price and the qty on hand show that on magento this info will be shown.

What we need is to select the best supplier with the best price and an available stock when the procurement rule runs.

Could you give us some best practices to manage that ?

Thank you