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Re: Survey improvement

Joseph Andrade
- 06/10/2015 11:51:59
Hello Anders,

Would you happen to know why isn't my survey working for another language but english? I made the translation to Spanish and when I move from the first survey questions' page to the second one I receive an error message saying that something went wrong that I should refresh and that my answers were probably not captured.

Many thanks.

On Wed, 10 Jun 2015 at 07:45 Anders Wallenquist <> wrote:
We have recently posted two important issues with quick & dirty work a 

The submit button does not work for IE9. IE9 are still common in large 
organisations and the responder have not the rights to install another 

Tokens in mails does not work, the responder have to be the same user 
that created the survey according to the correspondenting rule in the 
survey module. Simple tests will not reveal that.


Anders Wallenquist
Vertel AB

Den 2015-06-09 16:36, skrev:
> Hi community,
> We need to improve new features around survey in Odoo v8.
> First stage like :
> - numerical matrix,
> - numerical matrix with conditions (ie : % or max value constraint),
> - conditional question (based on previous answer)
> Second stage like :
> - related value suggest in survey from an existing model (ie : address
> from res.partner) to allow respondant suggest new datas
> Do you know any repo or improvements around survey ?
> Thans for your feedback,
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