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Re: Please confirm comments on v9 UI

Nhomar Hernandez
- 06/10/2015 11:47:20

2015-06-05 1:54 GMT-05:00 OpenERP Master <>:
Another post mentioned that there would be a new UI for v9 that was only available in the enterprise edition of Odoo. Could someone official confirm or deny this?

The new ui AFAICU will be an extra module that will extend the normal UI.

It brings 2 interesting points.

1.- Now in the backend the ui will be overwrittable which was not possible in the past (this is good).
2.- The private new UI WILL interact with 100% of modules installed wrapping the look and feel of views.

On my interpretation it should be a point of Honor discuss either the new ui interact or not at server level with Community AGPL modules and considere this as an interactions that infringe or not such licence, due to the new UI will be a consisten wrap for all views.

An exception can be done on both sides:

1.- Odoo Enterprise must allow opesource the overwrite of methods that needs to be done open must staty open in order to be able to manage such needs for open source modules.
1.- Community Modules shoul understand such need of accept their developments depends or not of the new_ui will be used under such enviroment and accept it will be a fact.

About documentation:

IMHO it is OK!, Odoo Enterprise will need to develop his own documentation from a functional PoV, and Odoo Community will need to be consistent in the way it can be done.

Until today a documentation is obsollete even with the simple fact of add 1 new field, then we need to document more conceptually than functionally (but it is other history).

The problem with documentation is that now it is one of the ways to generate revenuews, which can be good or bad put them Opn to everybody (we discussed in the list a lot about that before), I propose that people which will document the Community interface make clear their intentionts of be open source or closed source (but this is a different topic).


PS: A "perfect" approach should be that the new_ui should be opnsource and part of the community edition, with such move no problem, and develop closed only the special widgets for special purpose on their closed cool modules.
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