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Re: Please confirm comments on v9 UI

Libertus Solutions, Alan Bell
- 06/09/2015 08:45:57

On 09/06/15 07:31, Ermin Trevisan wrote:
> But the new UI is enterprise edition, and a UI always depends on the 
> underlying module functionality according to my understanding,
um no, it doesn't. I would expect the UI depends on base like the Web UI 

There could be stuff that depends on this new UI, but that would be 
things that extend it, like modules such as web_diagram depend on web

Most modules should run with the new UI, but not depend on it, or the 
other way round.

> and so it is not allowed to develop an AGPL module with the 
> proprietary new UI, and as a consequence, an enterprise user will not 
> have the opportunity to use community modules with the new UI, because 
> such modules are not allowed to exist. Therefore an enterprise user is 
> allowed to use AGPL community modules only with the old UI and so he 
> has to deal with 2 different UIs in one software which is for sure a 
> show stopper.
Proprietary modules (or any non-AGPL module in fact) can't have a 
depends that includes an AGPL module, however AGPL modules can depend on
> On the other hand, only partners officially acknowledged by Odoo will 
> be allowed to develop modules using the new UI and these modules must 
> be at least LGPL, and what should be the incentive not to make them 
> proprietary at all then, because they are only available to 
> proprietary enterprise customers anyway? And after all, can such 
> modules be called "community" anymore?
I would expect most modules don't have an opinion about what UI they are 
displayed through. It would be stuff like adding a special UI widget 
like a Gantt chart or diagram that needs to care about the UI and 
probably depend on it. Most normal modules that add a form and fields 
and some business logic, like the sale module for example would not 
depend on the particular UI.
so, you can develop modules that add business functionality to the 
community edition, they should work fine if installed on the closed UI 
too. Closed things can't depend on your AGPL modules.
> You are right, community developments and enterprise edition can be 
> mixed from the legal perspective. But declaring a UI proprietary makes 
> this legal possibility absolutely meaningless from a developer's or 
> user's perspective and separates the open source ecosystem completely 
> from the enterprise world.
> Isn't it the only consequence for a viable community ecosystem to 
> develop an own new UI in this case?
well there is a perfectly good UI (two of them if you count web as being 

I don't think the closed route is a good idea, purely because we have 
spent many years telling our customers that closed things are smelly.

I do think that the files should be updated with a 
license field and that the server should automatically enforce the 
dependency rules that way everyone in the community knows how it works, 
and you can't release something that isn't compliant because it just 
won't run.