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Re: Relations dropped or refactored from V7 to V8

Stefan Rijnhart
- 06/08/2015 10:11:47
On 08-06-15 15:53, Harold Tamo wrote:
> Please, could you tell me how can i run this analysis for my own
> database. The doc is not very clear
> on how to do this (or most likely i'm missing something).

Are you sure you need this? This is only the case if you have modules in
7.0 that are not in the core and that do not provide their own migration
scripts (community modules don't change their data model that often and
might carry their own migration scripts). If they are your own modules,
you would not need the analysis because you would know exactly what has
changed, right? To clarify: the result of the analysis depends on the
installed modules, not on the actual data in your database.

If you really do need this, see Basically, you install
the modules that you want to analyse on a new database on a V7 instance
of OpenUpgrade and the V8 version of the modules on an 8.0 instance of
OpenUpgrade (installing OpenUpgrade from source is the same as a regular
Odoo instance). You then run a two-step process provided by the
openupgrade_records module as is described in the documentation. This
will create the analysis files.

Again, you probably don't need this.


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