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Re: If I backup an Odoo database, did it backup the website also ?

- 06/06/2015 03:38:41
Excerpts from Joseph Andrade's message of 2015-06-05 18:42:57 UTC:
> Hi, so if I backup my database and then for unfortunate reasons my system gets corrupted and I have to reinstall and configure everything, it would be as easy as copying my database backup to the right folder after reinstalling Odoo?

You should use Odoo's backup function provided by its manager: 

Then setting it back up would be as easy as importing the db.

My experiences go as far as, if modules have not been manipulated manually, even third party modules are being backuped. 

Because backup and restoring are crucial, I recommend that you backup your Odoo instance and restore it under a different name. The log in to the restored instance and have a look around. Restoring on another Odoo system, that is. 



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