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Re: Potential lead in Vehicle spare parts

Luke Branch
- 06/05/2015 04:09:08
Hi Mike,

Have you taken a look in the OCA and OdooMRP community projects?:

I'm also looking for something like this to allow for this kind of cross-referencing, however I haven't come across anything yet.

I have many models each with it's own set of parts numbers, however many actual parts are shared between different models, and there is a need to cross-reference these connections to make it easier to see if a given item is in stock.

If you do come across anything please email back to this thread, as i'd be interested in what you have discovered.



On Fri, Jun 5, 2015 at 3:55 PM, info mkspro <> wrote:
Dear community members,

My client is looking for a Odoo vehicle spare parts reference, or module that is configured to meet the complex cross reference between vehicle spare parts.

Any reference or advise is highly appreciated.


Mike Sawaya
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