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Re: PIM (Product Information Managment) module for odoo

Jean-Baptiste Quenot
- 06/04/2015 11:45:36
Hi Peter,

In my experience the main difference between Odoo and a PIM, is that in the latter object classes and form fields can be managed by the marketing staff members.  In contrast, only skilled IT staff can create new models and manage fields in Odoo, requiring to adjust the XML views, update the modules and restart the server.  Not something marketing people can do.  In a PIM adding a new field in a product form is *just a click away*.

I have some experience running a PIM alongside Odoo: I have a Pimcore[1] install, which is geared towards marketing, managing product categories, pictures, print or online catalogs, websites, and so on.  I wrote a custom Pimcore controller in PHP to expose the products and categories as JSON.   Then a custom cron job in Odoo consumes this REST API daily and updates or creates the products accordingly.

This is not a big deal to develop, and allows to have the best of both worlds: Pimcore for PIM, and Odoo for sales.  I don't use the Odoo CMS however, as the online store is powered by Pimcore.  A full integration with Odoo would be certainly more tricky.

Best regards,
Jean-Baptiste Quenot
Tech Coach