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Question about differences between installations

OpusVL, Nuria Arranz-Velazquez
- 06/04/2015 11:16:03
Reference - M1505262289297


I came across something we have not been able to explain, and it is affecting us and our customers.

We have set up a "demo" cloud which we use for potential customers, to give them a demonstration of Odoo modules.

This cloud instances come from Git, and they are supposed to be up-to-date with the latest release, the nightly Odoo.

However, for development and delivery of projects we use Odoo installations from Debian packages, again up-to-date from the nightly Odoo.

I am using and testing on both installations, extensively, and I found a number of discrepancies between both installations. For instance, when testing CRM and Marketing I found that:

  1. Git doesn't have the Marketing in CRM module, which contains out of the box the following marketing fields:

    1. Source

    2. Campaign

    3. Channel

  2. Debian doesn't have the Email to Lead integration functionality in Sales Settings any more.

  3. In Git, the About Odoo and the Powered by Odoo has got the OpenERP name and colour scheme still, while Debian does not.

  4. In Debian, the CRM plugins module is missing.

And that's just a few examples, from the CRM testing. There are also other discrepancies regarding the New Themes and general settings. I've started calling them the Quarks, and they are causing me an awful lot of trouble because what I'm demoing to the customer is not what we are going to deliver in the end.

My team is going bananas trying to figure out why is that, and simply can't, so we've decided to change the demo cloud to Debian installs only, which will take time and will loose us some functionality, like the Outlook integration in Email to Lead.

In the mean while, are you aware of those Quarks, or have any idea on why can this be happening / what is causing it?

Many thanks in advance,

N. Arranz-Velazquez
OpusVL Odoo Specialist Team (OOST)
Product Owner

Drury House
Drury Lane
CV21 3DE

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