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Re: The User Interface v9 is restricted to Entreprise version

by André P. <> - 06/04/2015 08:49:42
Yes, they said the Enterprise is the Community Edition + Proprietary Modules (all by Odoo S.A.), and that the new UI (including the mobile-friendliness) would be a proprietary module (and that was confirmed later by other Odoo employees), as will the Project Forecasts and other new features.

Em qui, 4 de jun de 2015 às 13:45, Anders <> escreveu:
Is there any information what is included in Odoo SA V9 proprietary
version and not included in the new Community V9 version? I assume the
filter is ready?

If the big motivation for license change is to enable Partners ( and
Odoo SA) to build and sell proprietary features from App-store. Does
this mean Odoo SA proprietary functionality will be available as pay
Apps in the store for all? i.e.  Community version v9 + Odoo proprietary
pay  Apps = Odoo SA V9 Enterprise version?

I was looking at Fabians presentation direct from Odoo meeting about the
licence change  but I am not sure if I missed this type of information
as I had problem with the youtube.


Anders Arod

Yassine Teimi skrev den 2015-06-04 13:51:
> And the v9 awsome reporting feature is also restricted.
> Odoo SA strategy tend to sell extra features, no longer extra
> services, but it's a long term strategy, so, it will not be applied
> right now.
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