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Re: Problem with XML-RPC Secure

by André P. <> - 06/04/2015 05:09:44
It's not really an answer to your question, but we recommend using a reverse proxy like Nginx for SSL, instead of using xmlrpcs directly.

If you still want to use xmlrpcs, check if the OpenSSL Python libraries are installed and working. The code used by Odoo to load the certificate & key is:

from OpenSSL import SSL
ctx = SSL.Context(SSL.SSLv23_METHOD)
self.socket = SSL.Connection(ctx, socket)
Try running it in a Python console (REPL) and see if it throws any errors.

Em qui, 4 de jun de 2015 às 07:52, waqar afridi <> escreveu:
Hello All

I just subscribed to mailing list and I dont know whether thats the correct one or not, so If not point me in right direction :)

The Problem that I am having is with xml-rpc secure. I created the certificates and told openerp-server through its parameters ( ./ --addons-path=./addons --cert-file=./ssl/server.crt --pkey-file=server.pkey ) and also through ~/.openerp_serverrc file as shown below

secure = True
xmlrpcs = True
xmlrpcs_interface =
xmlrpcs_port = 8071
secure_pkey_file = /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/openerp-server/ssl/server.pkey
secure_cert_file = /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/openerp-server/ssl/server.crt

but what ever the method is (parameter or file) I get the following error

[2015-06-04 10:41:53,836] CRITICAL:xml-rpc-ssl:[02]: Environment Information : 
[2015-06-04 10:41:53,836] CRITICAL:xml-rpc-ssl:[03]: System : Linux-3.16.0-38-generic-i686-with-Ubuntu-14.04-trusty
[2015-06-04 10:41:53,836] CRITICAL:xml-rpc-ssl:[04]: OS Name : posix
[2015-06-04 10:41:53,837] CRITICAL:xml-rpc-ssl:[05]: Distributor ID: Ubuntu
[2015-06-04 10:41:53,837] CRITICAL:xml-rpc-ssl:[06]: Description: Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS
[2015-06-04 10:41:53,837] CRITICAL:xml-rpc-ssl:[07]: Release: 14.04
[2015-06-04 10:41:53,837] CRITICAL:xml-rpc-ssl:[08]: Codename: trusty
[2015-06-04 10:41:53,837] CRITICAL:xml-rpc-ssl:[09]: Operating System Release : 3.16.0-38-generic
[2015-06-04 10:41:53,837] CRITICAL:xml-rpc-ssl:[10]: Operating System Version : #52~14.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Fri May 8 09:44:48 UTC 2015
[2015-06-04 10:41:53,837] CRITICAL:xml-rpc-ssl:[11]: Operating System Architecture : 32bit
[2015-06-04 10:41:53,837] CRITICAL:xml-rpc-ssl:[12]: Operating System Locale : en_US.UTF-8
[2015-06-04 10:41:53,837] CRITICAL:xml-rpc-ssl:[13]: Python Version : 2.7.6
[2015-06-04 10:41:53,837] CRITICAL:xml-rpc-ssl:[14]: OpenERP-Server Version : 5.0.10
[2015-06-04 10:41:53,837] CRITICAL:xml-rpc-ssl:[15]: Last revision No. & ID : 
[2015-06-04 10:41:53,837] CRITICAL:xml-rpc-ssl:[16]: Can not load the certificate and/or the private key files

I dont think the problem is with my pkey or certificate. I created and recreated them so many times (reading from different blogs which were working with openerp).

The version of Openerp that I am using is 5.0.10. Kindly guide me.


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