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Re: OdooExperience - branches publicly available on github?

by André P. <> - 06/03/2015 09:39:07
I'm on OdooExperience, and no access to the code has been announced. All we were said is that it'll take a couple of months to get version 9 (not clear if that's the final release or just the first public RC), and there a couple of PCs running it as a demo, nothing more.

Em qua, 3 de jun de 2015 às 11:39, Sven Petersen <> escreveu:


Unfortunately I not able to attend this year’s OdooExperience.

Does someone know if the branch(es) used for the OdooExperience are publicly available on github?
It’s not master nor the latest saas.

For last years OpenDays some additional information was published under github (, nothing similar for the OdooExperience?


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