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Re: PIM (Product Information Managment) module for odoo

Akretion, Raphael Valyi
- 06/02/2015 22:36:27
Hello Peter,

I doubt cause Akeneo is still a bit new. Now, something that may interest you is that the team behind Akeneo are my ex co-workers from, you know when I wrote that ERP whitepaper in 2007. They were the Magento guys at Smile (Benoît, Fréderic) and were talking with us at the ERP division, so I'm pretty sure they could be helpful to build such a connector (I also started the Magento connector at Smile before it went rewritten twice).

That being said, you have to balance the price of having a connector because to its adherence surface vs the benefit. In the case of a PIM, I'm not sure a connector is so much worthy vs developing it in Odoo.

If you think Magento + Odoo + Akeneo, I would say forget it because of the systemic complexity of all that data duplication, just Magento + Odoo is already borderline (though worthy for big businesses).

My 2 cts.

On Tue, Jun 2, 2015 at 9:38 PM, Peter Langenberg <> wrote:

I've got a question in an E-commerce project about PIM management in Odoo.

For a webshop PIM is very important, for the different magentowebshops in the different countries everything has to be translated (enritched) , images have to be made, all kind of product attributes have to be made and so on ... but there are already a lot of things standaard in Odoo (like weight ...), so it would be nice to concentrate all the new data in Odoo.

I see this software that already connects to magento ...

But is a module or something like this available for Odoo ?

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