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Re: Invoice with rounded line (Swedish rounding)

Agile Business Group sagl, stefano sforzi
- 05/30/2015 11:33:53

The problem is the rounding account.
Use someone like "customer discount" (regular account)  and not a "receivable" one.

Il 30/Mag/2015 14:58, "choe jensing" <> ha scritto:
Hi, guys

odoo v8, windows environment.

This is my configuration setting
Tax Rounding unit = -0.05
Tax Rounding account = 110200 Debtors

The Sales Order grand total amount is 11.87
The Customer Invoice created with grand total amount 11.85
Once the invoice is validated.
The invoice balance field is showing 11.87

Is this the intended behavior? the balance showing as 11.87 ?

#2. during payment, only when i pay with 11.87, then the invoice is 'Paid'

Thank you

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