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Re: Odoo v9 Community and Enterprise editions

Fakrudeen Abbaz
- 05/30/2015 09:12:50
+1 Compiere / Adempiere
Odoo / OCA 

History going to repeat, Raphel in richest country people also like Odoo because of its community, support and commitment to open source.

Waiting for the Odoo announcement in coming days. 

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On May 30, 2015, at 5:01 PM, Raphaël Valyi <> wrote:

On Fri, May 29, 2015 at 8:57 PM, Hesham ELMAHDY <> wrote:
guys, What would be the impact on people making their living on odoo; shoud odoo sa decide to change the license?

Well basically if that proprietary appstore would become real with this license change, the investors behind Odoo (whoever they be in the future) would take full and exclusive control of that appstore. It means implementations without a per user Enterprise license would be marginalized and possibly out of market, and possibly without enough critical mass to follow the product evolution. That basically means that every ERP user would have to pay the per user Enterprise price, just like if it was a proprietary ERP. A good example would be app developers who try to make a living on iOS or Android and how they are dependent of the appstore controlling party, this is quite documented already.

Some partners don't mind too much when they work in some of the richest countries were that price is eventually possible. But for those like us who bet on developing markets and did tremendous efforts to create localizations from scratch, during all these years, we have seen these Enterprise price been totally out of the market by a factor of 3x to 5x without even considering the margin for our local support. So basically that wouldn't be possible to work with Odoo in these markets...

That being said, it's extremely unlikely that the license change of the core affects the whole ecosystem. The vast majority of serious modules authors seems to understand their interest goes with keeping an overall AGPL licensing. Also if you look at stories like Compiere/Adempiere, it's exactly because of developing countries economics that the Adempiere forks started (it started in Indonesia and Latin America and survived the Compiere proprietary fork).

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