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GitHub transition status: Translations

Martin Trigaux (mat)
- 05/30/2015 06:07:12
Hello Odoo community,

When we moved from Launchpad to GitHub last year, we made plan for the
transition[1]. I am glad to say we have finally taken care of the last
major remaining point: the translations. It is now handled by Transifex[2].

All the existing translations for version 7 and 8 were imported from
Launchpad and we started to recreate translation teams.

We have also published new translations guidelines[3].

If you are interested to contribute to Odoo in your language(s), please
join one of the existing team[4] and start translating.

The Odoo Translators team on Transifex counts 78 languages but many are
still without coordinators or reviewers (if you don't count me, mart_e),
meaning the translations will not be validated and synchronised. Don't
hesitate to contact me directly if you wish to be responsible of a language.
We can accept the request for new languages if needed. See the wiki[5]
for note on localised versions.

One of the main benefit of the migration is that we will synchronise
automatically the validated terms from Transifex to GitHub weekly. Your
translations effort will appear more quickly in the main code base.



Martin Trigaux
Odoo (Formerly OpenERP)