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Re: Odoo visited by EU-Officals for Invenstment Plan over 315 billion €

Fabien Pinckaers
- 05/29/2015 09:35:02
> I work @ the commission. Proprietary software dominates, like SAP and
> Documentum.
> The mind set is changing gradually hopefully to more opensource now that
> they adapted Drupal as their preferable CMS and Odoo might have a good
> chance.
> Would be glad to run an Odoo project at the Commission.

How much taxes would citizens save if this movement would be done at all 
the European public administrations!!!  :-(

70% to 75% cost reduction according to these press communicates on Europa:

"The department, part of the Ministry of Education and Science, is using Open ERP for many of its tasks. The past three years, it has gradually replaced in total 150 legacy applications"