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Re: Odoo v9 Community and Enterprise editions

Akretion, Raphael Valyi
- 05/29/2015 08:20:22
Also let me comment:

Odoo SA itself moved from GPL to AGPL by 2009 while they were already raising 3 millions of euros. So they had to act responsibly.

In any case, in 6 years of AGPL, Odoo SA and the other parties had plenty of time to think about licensing, just as a company should think about how they contract people they hire or all other contracts a company have. At some point people companies should be serious.

And if AGPL didn't fit the business model of Odoo SA, at the very least, they should have anticipated a licensing change. Trying to change the license of one of the major open source eco-system in 2 or 3 months is totally a joke. Given they raised 7 more millions of euros last year, they were playing at yet an other scale, and the need for serious planing was even more important. Had them anticipated a licensing change a few years ago, they would have issued a CLA (like now), so everybody could anticipate an eventual license change and plan accordingly without being simply abused, just like no serious community was fool enough to invest on Magento or Openbravo because of the dubious licensing they had.

So I say:
1) either they are joking with planing and may be their business issues are just the result of that
2) either they are joking with the community because they planned but as a secret double agenda while open source is all about being transparent with the other parties of the ecosystem (remember that just the OCA is easily 2x more modules than the core of Odoo).

In both cases, it's not serious.


On Fri, May 29, 2015 at 8:51 AM, Wouter Tebbens <> wrote:
I'd strongly recommend we avoid writing up new licenses; we currently 
have already quite a few proven licenses to our disposal. Such as LGPL, 
which is perfect for software libraries in general, where a permissive 
license is often desirable. And we have the AGPL, which seems to be the 
best protection for a web application like the OCB & OCA to assure the 
Odoo ecosystem remains free-as-in-freedom.

Whatever Odoo S.A. will decide for their licenses, creating just another 
license wouldn't help to solve the mentioned problems. Let us hope S.A. 
finds a good business model and stays in the free & open world so we can 
all thrive!

best regards,


On 29-05-15 11:55, Rohan E wrote:
> Children, the real solution would be to write up an Odoo license similar
> to LGPL and an OCA license similar to AGPL but without all the ambiguity
> and conflicts of interest. Would be cheaper than the loss of
> productivity caused by this endless debate and annual pre-Odoo gathering
> drama.
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> Date: Wed, 20 May 2015 13:57:19 +0000 > To: > > Hi Fakrudeen, > > While it is an issue, I don't see why shouldn't be reminded. And I don't > feel that the community expressing their concerns is spreading the wrong > message. > > That we don't agree with all of them doesn't give us the right to write > them off from the rest of the community. > > In reality, much has been said. Some of it in anger, some of it in an > attempt of reassurance, some of it in ignorance, but plenty of it in > logical thinking. I don't presume to know better as to filter what needs > to be kept and what to trash. > > Of all the things I'm reading, I don't thing there is a wrong message > being spread. The message is the right one: Odoo has changed, and people > is very concerned. > > Regards, > Nuria > > On 20/05/15 13:38, Fakrudeen Abbaz wrote: > <blockquote cite="" > type="cite"> > Hi Nuria, > > I have created this ether pad to summarise the discussions and agree its > not full. > its expected all will enter the their current views based on the > understanding from different mails. > And i am not against sending mails, but its spreading wrong message to > all, moreover its a reminder of the issue too. > > >
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